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The Trax will be the consequence of the attempt with the South Korean music industry giant SM Entertainment to determine a rock-band — a fairly rare bird in the 2000s Korean scene entirely dominated by pop artists. The group’s music still includes a large amount of pop, metropolitan, and hip-hop components, but Trax combine them with Limp Bizkit and Linkin Recreation area influences, not forgetting having followed the Japanese-inspired visible kei image for some time. Following the customs from the South Korean music business, it had been the label that had taken an effort in building the group, including vocalist Typhoon, previously prearranged for SM Entertainment’s task U-KNOW that hardly ever got off the bottom, aswell as X-Mas (electric guitar), Strike (bass), as well as the drummer Rose, who became a member of last, after Trax debuted reside in a music group competition in 2002. Regarding to one edition, the name of the music group means from the associates’ nicknames, although it is also stated that the moniker doesn’t exceed its obvious signifying (i.e. “documenting monitors”). Trax spent time in the in-label schooling and lastly debuted being a quartet in 2004, showing up on BoA’s one “Rock and roll with You” and playing the MTV Asia Honours. Their very own debut discharge was the Korean one “Paradox,” shortly followed by japan one “Scorpio” (both 2004). Trax was the initial Korean major-label music group to look at the visible kei design, which is related to the impact of Yoshiki Hayashi, the drummer from the visible kei gods X-Japan, who created them (there have been even rumours that Rose is certainly Yoshiki’s biological kid, although the chat has proved fake). The music group protected X-Japan’s “Tears” in 2004, but nonetheless opted for a far more restrained Traditional western look when choosing the Japanese picture. In 2004-2005 Trax released several Korean and Japanese singles, however in 2006 Rose remaining the music group to study artwork inside a Seoul university and play acoustic guitar in underground rock and roll take action the Romanticist. Trax continued like a trio with program drummers, liberating their debut recording ChoWoo (“First Rainfall”) in June 2006 to moderate achievement: the eponymous ballad briefly charted in Korea. The music group also do two tunes for the Korean theatre Hyena in 2006, getting into the most effective branch from the nationwide entertainment market, and released two Japanese singles in 2006 and 2007, however in January 2007 Typhoon experienced to undergo surgery treatment, which pressured the music group to be on a hiatus. In the mean time, Attack got solid inside a Japanese/Korean theatre Magnolia No Hana no Shita Ni, capturing in NY.

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