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Blues guitarist Travis Haddix was created on November 26, 1938. A indigenous of Walnut, MS, Haddix was influenced in his early years by B.B. King’s broadcasts on WDIA from Memphis. In Cleveland, OH, where he offers resided since 1959, Haddix progressed into a fine contemporary bluesman and songwriter with a genuine and soulful contact. While he previously been developing his chops before rowdy viewers at juke bones and blues celebrations through the entire ’70s, he didn’t start his recording profession in earnest until he authorized using the Ichiban label in 1988. His stylish and poppy albums Incorrect Part Out (1988), Winners Under no circumstances Stop (1991), and What I UNDERSTAND AT THIS TIME (1992), were, extremely, released while Haddix continuing his job like a postal employee in Ohio. As his recognition continued to develop, he began planing a trip to Europe many times per year and won many blues awards both in Europe as well as the State governments. Haddix resumed documenting in 1994 with Big Ole Goodun’ and in addition begun to develop his curiosity about other areas from the entertainment business like the development of his very own publishing firm and his very own record label Wann-Sonn Information. In 2002, Haddix also became an writer, releasing Caught in the centre, a reserve of his musical memoirs. A estimate Travis Haddix uses to summarize a lot of his shows amounts up his positive philosophical attitude: “I am the very best that I could end up being, and since no-one else could be me, there’s non-e better.”

Quick Facts

Full Name Travis Haddix
Music Songs Cialis Before I See Alice, Ring on Her Finger, Rope Around My Neck, First Thing Tuesday Morning, Love Coupons, It's My Time Now, A Dozen Times, Mud Cakes, Wrong Side Out, Winners Never Quit, Dick for Dinner, Milk & Bread, Old Man in Love, Summer Santa Claus, If I'm One, You're One Too, I've Got a Secret, Daylight at Midnight, Good Buddy Blues, Two Heads Are Better Than One, Backward Baby, Caught In The Middle, Company Is Coming, Way Back in the Country, Blues Leftovers, Nine Behind, Patience with a Purpose, Who Could I Be, Cut Off Your Money, Scared Half to Death, Twice, You Kind of Fool, Two Jobs with a Paper Route, Bag Lady, What I Know Right Now
Albums It's My Time Now: The Best Of, Mud Cakes, Blues From Staghorn Street, Old Man in Love, Old & Easy, Ring on Her Finger, Rope Around My Neck, Wrong Side Out, A Dozen Times, Milk & Bread, What I Know Right Now, A Big Ole Goodun', Daylight at Midnight, Winners Never Quit, Company Is Coming, Signs of the Times, Love Coupons, Shootum Up, Mean Ole Yesterday

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