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Transient V Resident

Transient v Citizen is usually a duo shaped of Martin Archer (synthesizers, electronic devices, amplified items, woodwind) and Chris Bywater (synthesizers, electronic devices, amplified items, guitar). In 1993, Archer made a decision to disband his saxophone quartet Hornweb and quit the jazz picture. He experienced consumer electronics and TvR became one of is own new tasks. As Archer’s single material may be the consequence of hours spent in the studio room, TvR continues to be his just musical task to result in live actions. The duo’s music can be completely different from his single output, since it draws far more from the vocabulary from the ’70s German synthesists. It could range between experimental consumer electronics to ambient dub to audio installations, with regards to the context from the efficiency. Since its inception in 1993, Transient v Citizen released two studio room albums, Electrical Shroud (1997) and Medulla (2001), and a string of live CD-Rs, all on Archer’s Discus label.

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