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This UK team from south London made their debut with ‘Unity’, accompanied by The Silver Atomic EP, which they shifted towards an assortment of trance and dub aesthetics. FOLLOWING A Dragonflymania EP arrived The Like Machine Remixes, section of that was short-listed from the BBC Tv because the theme with their Winter season Olympics coverage. Carrying out a further EP, Machine Mania, the group revealed a debut recording for Hydrogen Dukebox information, which experienced also housed the sooner releases.

Quick Facts

Full Name Transcendental Love Machine
Music Songs Everything but the Sun, Revolvalution, Valley Forge, Hell-U-Sin-Hate, X-Pander, Shag, The Glass Dome, One Thousand, Dub Machine, Inside My Soul Is Burning With You, Electrastar, Parts 1, 2 & 3, Psychotic Woman Blues, Dragonflymania, Electrastar, Transcendo, The Love Machine, Satellite, Ride on This Spaceship, Dragonfly, Electra Electra, Flip Backward, Bagelodeon, Hypnotica, Anodes, Diodes and the Critical Path, Autocreation, When I Wake Up in the Morning, My Head Is Full of Wires, Stereogod, Electraphlex, Guitar Hero
Albums I've Göt the Battery... Where's the Slot?, Orgasmatronic, Electrastars

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Transcendental Love Machine tags