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Created in 2001 and carrying out their 1st gig following singer/guitarist Todd Congelliere and singer/guitarist Sean Cole performed their final gig your day before making use of their previous band, F.Con.P, Playthings That Kill aren’t thus different. They add a fresh drummer, Denis Fleps, and fresh bassist Casey Ferrara, and Cole, who dealt with drums and bass with F.Con.P, right now sings on several songs and filter systems his schooled-on-Slayer-and-Napalm Loss of life background in to the occasional hesher-sounding acoustic guitar riffs. The tunes were now much less about primary school-type traumas, but nonetheless fiercely immature and happy. Also, the music group seemed to desire to that elusive and perhaps not so essential quality that a lot of Recess Records rings scoff at: musicianship. Their 1st record, The Resident Abortion, didn’t veer definately not F.Con.P’s sound, using the exception getting Cole’s more metal-influenced figures. The EP Flys adopted in early 2004 on Asian Man Information.

Quick Facts

Full Name Toys That Kill
Music Songs They Tied Up All Our Lace, Bomb Sniffin' Dogs, Little Bit Stranger, I’ve Been Stabbed!, Amphetamine St, The Nervous Rocks, Fambly, Times We Can't Let Go, Waltz One Million, They Caught Us All, Freddy and His Mother, Mobbed by the 3’s, Peeping on the Peeping Tom, Catholic Damage, Ass Mirror, Safe & Warm, V-Chip, I Hate Karma, Clap for Alaska, Keep Caroline, Playdough, Unity Mitford, Stye, We Control the Sun, Liar's Hook, Widows on Welfare, 31 Year Old Daydream, Mr. Hubbard's Dead, I’m Foaming!, Sound Check World, Abort Me Mother Earth, I Am Decided
Albums Fambly 42, Sentimental Ward, Shanked, The Citizen Abortion, Control the Sun, Grabass Charlestons & Toys That Kill - Split

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