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Toys That Kill

Created in 2001 and carrying out their 1st gig following singer/guitarist Todd Congelliere and singer/guitarist Sean Cole performed their final gig your day before making use of their previous band, F.Con.P, Playthings That Kill aren’t thus different. They add a fresh drummer, Denis Fleps, and fresh bassist Casey Ferrara, and Cole, who dealt with drums and bass with F.Con.P, right now sings on several songs and filter systems his schooled-on-Slayer-and-Napalm Loss of life background in to the occasional hesher-sounding acoustic guitar riffs. The tunes were now much less about primary school-type traumas, but nonetheless fiercely immature and happy. Also, the music group seemed to desire to that elusive and perhaps not so essential quality that a lot of Recess Records rings scoff at: musicianship. Their 1st record, The Resident Abortion, didn’t veer definately not F.Con.P’s sound, using the exception getting Cole’s more metal-influenced figures. The EP Flys adopted in early 2004 on Asian Man Information.

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