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Towering Inferno

Towering Inferno’s Kaddish provides slowly collected acclaim among the most interesting rock-influenced experimental recordings from the mid-’90s; Brian Eno, for example, has described it as the utmost terrifying record he’s have you ever heard. Towering Inferno will be the English duo of Richard Wolfson and Andy Saunders, who are principally in charge of the structure of Kaddish (with some extra material from additional sources), and in addition for a lot of the development, keyboards, and guitars. English prog-rock vets Elton Dean and John Marshall (ex-Soft Machine) and Chris Cutler, in addition to Hungarian folk vocalist Marta Sebestyen, also add essential contributions to the 75-tiny concept recording of sorts, influenced from the horrors from the Holocaust. Rabbinical chants, hard rock and roll/heavy metal acoustic guitar, ambient synthesizer, and Eastern Western folk singing are components of an ambitious palette which gets its troubling message across without sounding pedantic. Wolfson and Saunders possess presented Kaddish like a mixed-media overall performance aswell; originally released in 1994, it had been found by Isle for bigger distribution, and released within the U.S. in 1996. Wolfson and Saunders possess something quite different at heart for their following project, that they described within the English publication Record Collector as “a light-hearted, fun, post-rave sort of B-movie affair.”

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