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THE BRAND NEW York-based Tower Recordings debuted in 1995 using the self-released Rehearsals for Roseland Circa ’95, a sprawling 28-song set highlighting their eclectic. loud audio and tape-manipulation visual. The following season, the group — made up of multi-instrumentalists Matthew R. “M.V.” Valentine, Helen Hurry, PG Six, Spanish Wolfmann, Robert Henry Jones III, and S. Freyer, Esq. — came back with Fraternity of Moonwalkers, released on Audible Hiss; another label transformation, to Heart of Orr, implemented before the discharge of 1997’s Globe T.R.

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Music Songs Dreamland Bye Bye, Winter of Frozen Mornings, The High Rate of Ass Vibration, Atrocity Jukebox, Harmengi - The Tower Becomes a Sun, Moon Rocks Off, Herkimer Man, Empress of I-91, The Other Side of the 12th Planet Meadows, Moon Raga, Intergalactic Housing Don't Bother Me, The Nine Billion Names of God, Omega Men & Women, Lunar Discotheque, Galaxy M100, 1990's Moire Exchange, Market God and Her Children, Web, Lull, Ibiza Within You, Metal Spray Cans, Qualify for Evolution, Lustre King, J Sculpy's, Post War Mariachi, Other Kinds Run, Clang Race, The Shape That Has No Shape, Honey Sü / The Seeker Ladder, Portable Old Band / Heavenly Blues, Soma Enthusiast, Pituitous Became, I Guess I'll Get the Vapors & Go Home
Albums Furniture Music for Evening Shuttles, Folk Scene, The Fraternity of Moonwalkers, The Galaxies Incredibly Sensual Transmission Field of ..., Let the Cosmos Ring, The Futuristic Folk of the Tower Recordings, Volume 1, The Futuristic Folk of the Tower Recordings, Volume 2, Ya'ard God

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