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A master from the two-row melodeon, Totore Chessa remains focused on the musical customs from the Italian island of Sardinia. Whether playing single or associated with traditional equipment including launeddas, a tube organ that produces a bagpipe-like drone, as well as the mouth area harp-like trunfa, Chessa skillfully summons the tastes of the previous world along with his squeeze-box melodies. Chessa was called “professional of folklore” with the arranging commission from the Regional Celebration of Nuoro Folklore.

Quick Facts

Full Name Totore Chessa
Music Songs Mandrolisai, Dilliriana, Supramontes, Sonettes, Ballu Seriu, Barbagia, Organittos, Organetto, Ballu, Balentia, Baronia, Costera, Trieddas
Albums Organittos

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