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Toshack Highway


Focused around Swervedriver’s Adam Franklin, Toshack Highway was a collaboration leading to lazy, atmospheric pop with ambient electronic flourishes. Resembling a few of Franklin’s duskier use his main clothing, Toshack Highway was an wall socket to delve further into his raising love of digital devices and film music-inspired atmosphere, much like Atmosphere minus the prog crutch. Toshack Highway’s self-titled debut noticed launch in 2000 through Flowershop, the label operate by friend and God Machine/Sophia member Robin Proper-Shepard; U.S. distribution was supplied by Catapult. Comprising several Swervedriver-rejected songs that were kicking around in Franklin’s mind for decades, plus a slew of paths numerous affects (nods to Bowie as well as the Stranglers becoming probably the most prominent), Toshack Highway was along with the help of Sophia drummer Jeff Towsin and studio room rat Charlie Francis. In past due 2001, Franklin reappeared with EACH DAY, Rock ‘n’ Move Is Saving MY ENTIRE LIFE, a four-track solitary that presented a re-worked edition of the Swervedriver B-side. Toshack Highway’s 2003 launch was a break up Compact disc with shoegazer revivalists Sianspheric. Relaxed, personal and electronics-free, the five tracks that define Magnetic Morning hours are a few of Franklin’s best function yet.

Quick Facts

Music Songs The Streets That Spin Off, I've Lost the Feeling, Valentine Number One, Board the Bullet Train, I Thought I Saw My Ship A-Coming, Wurlitzer Waltzer, Toshackinblack, Everyday Rock 'n' Roll Is Saving My Life, O Sweet Daughter, Just Landed, Country Grass, Man In the Middle East, Cannery Row, The Hitcher, Seize the Day, The Sounds and the Times, She's Got Celestial Navigation, Silver Freight Train, Sisyphus, Waking Up, Theme, Harlem
Albums Toshack Highway, Magnetic Morning / Aspirin Age, Everyday Rock 'n' Roll Is Saving My Life

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