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Tony Dallara

Often weighed against Tony Williams from the Platters, Tony Dallara (delivered: Antonio Lardera) was among Italy’s top vocalists from the later ’50s and early ’60s. His strikes included such Neapolitan classics as “I Diro” and “Arrive Prima” (1958), “Julia” and “Ghiaccio Bollente” (1959), “Romantica” (1960), and “Bambina Bambina” (1961). Close friends with Louis Armstrong, he followed him to Sanremo and Mine where Armstrong performed what would end up being his last concerts. Despite his a friendly relationship with Armstrong, and Dallara’s initiatives, he under no circumstances broke to an international viewers. While Domenico Modugno got the world performing Italian along with his strike, “Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu,” Dallara faded into obscurity.

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