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Tom Vek

London’s eclectic one-man music group Tom Vek combines electronic music with indie rock and roll, punk with dance, and affects like new influx and garage area (and in addition made the majority of his early recordings in his parents’ garage area, too). Nevertheless, as a teenager in the middle-’90s, Vek was motivated by grunge and started making rock such as Smashing Pumpkins and Pearl Jam; before that, he supported his guitarist dad on bass and drums within their practice space/garage area. When his family members obtained a reel-to-reel tape recorder when he was 14, Vek started documenting his music, which progressed from grungy rock and roll to Warp- and Ninja Tune-influenced electronica because the ’90s found an in depth. Vek have been sending his music to a pal from the family members (who been Alex Cooper, the longtime drummer for Katrina & the Waves), who subsequently sent Vek’s most recent, electronica-inspired music to his cousin (who been Tim “Like” Lee, the top of quirky digital label Tummy Contact). Lee authorized Vek towards the label, and in 2001 the 7″ “There’s ONLY 1 Thing Left Right now” became Vek’s 1st officially released function. Tummy Touch decided to to push out a full-length from Vek, which he started working on among his graphical design research at St. Martins. Nevertheless, Vek’s music experienced morphed again, shifting from sensitive electronica to something sharper-edged and much more rock-based. Singles such as for example “IF YOU’D LIKE” heralded this fresh direction, as do gigs (with a complete backing music group) supporting functions like Bloc Party and Technicians. Vek’s debut recording, We Have Audio, was released within the U.K. in springtime 2005 via Belly Touch, and sublicensed by Isle/Common. Startime International released the recording within the U.S. that fall. After touring to get the recording, Vek got his time producing additional music. He discovered a documenting space in East London and set up PALLET Documenting Studios, taking 3 years to fill up it with custom made equipment and teach himself brand-new production methods, and another 2 yrs to create and record music. Vek resurfaced early in 2011 using the one “A Task,” the very first flavor of his second record, Leisure Seizure, that was released digitally in June of this year and bodily that Sept. When Vek was evicted from PALLET to create way for even more housing, he got a far more independent method of 2014’s Luck, documenting the album completely by himself.

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