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Tina Mrazik

Tina Mrazik was created in North Miami, FL, in 1963. Her dad, Matthew, was a specialist big-band drummer. Her mom, Berutha, was an professional housekeeper to get a well-established hotel string. Being an just child, she got the undivided interest of her parents and was subjected to music young. Both her parents gathered records. A combined mix of gospel, jazz, and contemporary pop provided Tina a like for all styles of music, though rock and roll was certainly her preferred. She started playing electric guitar at age seven. Shortly after her father’s loss of life in 1973, Tina started composing her have music. On the encouragement of her mom, and her like of phrases, Tina began composing poetry a season afterwards. That was shortly to be her major like. Within a period of a decade, Tina had constructed ten amounts of gathered poetry functions. Though these were of the dark character, she created her skill and own exclusive design for the ironic and melancholy. By her early twenties, her lifestyle took on many twists and changes, though she continuing to write. Locating peacefulness and solace in her phrases as well as the music she paid attention to, her composing flourished, becoming more sophisticated and complicated. In 1989, Tina’s mom passed on after an extended battle with cancers. This is a damaging and costly reduction in her lifestyle, poising her to delve a lot more in to the music and composing of her period. By the entire year 1995, Tina wrote her initial horror book entitled C.H.R.We.S.T. It became a lot more than some posting houses could deal with and was for the moment, lovingly shelved in her bookcase. She continuing with her book composing, expanding her collection to the globe of music journals. Tina became a “features” article writer for the music magazines InTune, Vibrations, and THE MAIN ONE Supply. In 1997 she extended her viewers to the web by learning to be a article writer for chosen websites, mainly in the arts & entertainment field, with brief stints in to the religious beliefs and philosophy world. A devoted music and video collector, Tina proceeds composing on many websites, and focusing on her books and poetry. Desert Isle Picks Elton John – Captain Fantastic As well as the Dark brown Dirt Cowboy The Beatles – Abbey Street k.d. lang – Ingenue Neil Gemstone – Best Hits 1966-1992 Marillion – Misplaced Child years Queen – Best Hits Tina Turner – Gathered Recordings 60’s towards the 90’s Cher – Celebrities Meats Loaf – Bat Out of Hell 2 – Back to Hell Bee Gees – Stories from your Brothers Gibb Elton John – TO BECOME Continuing Thompson Twins – In to the Space Pole Stewart – Storyteller David Bowie – Ziggy Stardust as well as the Spiders From Mars Bette Midler – Thighs and Whispers Alice Cooper – Welcome to My Headache Red Floyd – The Wall structure Madonna Immaculate Collection Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonesome Hearts Club Music group Weapons N’ Roses – Hunger for Damage Melissa Etheridge – Yes I Am George Michael – Trust Bruce Mitchell – Dance on the Advantage Center – Brigade Evita – Film Soundtrack Recording

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