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Thulsa Doom

Begun like a part task by leading Norwegian underground maker and Dark Debbath guitarist Ole Petter Andreassen, Thulsa Doom formed in Oslo in 1999 and is known as after Wayne Earl Jones’ Snake Ruler personality in Conan the Barbarian. Rechristening himself Un Doom, he drafted vocalist Papa Doom, guitarist Doom Perignon (visit a design developing right here?), bassist Angelov Doom, and drummer Fast Winston Doom. Yet, traditional doom metallic this isn’t; not only due to the obvious love of life involved, but additionally because Thulsa Doom hardly ever resorts towards the ultra-slow grinds peculiar towards the genre, frequently selecting to blast full-speed forward in stoner-metallic style instead. Filled with surprises, their 1st work, a five-song EP known as She Fucks Me, premiered by Spanish label Protection Pin Records in-may 2000 and quickly enticed an underground pursuing for the group. This, subsequently, arrived the group a cope with California-based indie This Dark Reign, for whom they documented 2001’s acclaimed full-length debut, the cryptically called The Chairs Are Soft however the Helmet Is certainly MUCH TOO Tight. Among the album’s standout paths, “Birthday Pony,” was also contained in 2002’s Rebirth from the Large compilation and Thulsa Doom’s second record, to become exhaustively called AND I’ll Take You to definitely a location Where Jars Are Kept, is certainly scheduled to get a mid-2003 release.

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