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Thomas Stoltzer

Thomas Stoltzer, probably one of the most important German composers in the first half from the sixteenth hundred years, was most likely the boy of Clemens Stoltzer, the city clerk of Schweidnitz, or was otherwise an associate of his family members. It really is surmised that he analyzed music with Heinrich Finck, who was simply in Poland while Thomas was a young man. If not really, Thomas certainly discovered Finck’s music someplace, for he estimates it regularly. His fame like a musician started to develop and a article writer called Joachim Badian published in 1518 about his musical skills, including the capability to play or create any little bit of music after a couple of hearings. In 1519, Thomas was accepted towards the priesthood, kept the beneficence of St. Elisabeth’s Cathedral in Breslau, and was outlined as vicarius discontinuus, and therefore he didn’t in fact live there. Individually, he backed Martin Luther’s Reformation, but by no means took a general public are a symbol of it as his personal letters display that he was fearful of dropping his work if he do therefore. His music started to circulate in Eastern European countries, Stolzer’s motet Beati omnes was most likely performed at the marriage in 1522 of Ludwig II of Hungary and Bohemia and Mary of Austria, child of Philip the Good. Ludwig was not used to the throne — he previously inherited it just a month previous — and five weeks later on he appointed Stoltzer magister capellae in the Hungarian capital of Ofen. It would appear that Queen Mary was the pressure behind the visit, and in appreciation, Stoltzer published four Lutheran Psalm configurations at her demand. Secure with this placement, and with an excellent chorus and players at his removal, Stoltzer published over 150 functions, a lot more than 70 which had been published. They continued to be current for many years, so long as the cantus firmus theory of arranging music remained popular (i.e., before seventeenth hundred years). They are mainly religious functions, but he also published secular tunes. His early music comes after the traditional German design of Finck, however in his later on works he accumulates elements of holland school, like the usage of imitation and break up choirs. His best works will be the Psalm motets (14 in Latin and four in German). He regarded agreeing to a post with Duke Albrecht of Prussia in Königsberg, but evidently hesitated to be publicly associated with a Lutheran monarch, despite the fact that he had created music at Albrecht’s demand. In 1526, Ruler Ludwig passed away in the beat from the Hungarians with the Turks on the Battls of Mohács on August 29, 1526. It had been widely thought that Stoltzer passed away there also, at his monarch’s aspect. But documentation afterwards set up that he passed away by sliding while crossing a flood-swollen river in Carpathia, loosing his footing and getting swept apart by the existing.

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