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Thomas “Baby” Grice is a shadowy shape through the classic blues picture from the ’20s. He numbers into dental histories concerning the competitive, frequently downright harmful exploits of barrelhouse jazz, boogie-woogie and ragtime piano performers throughout that era. He might have left even more of a enduring record, literally, with regards to the music he was involved with writing and eventually exploiting, frequently by just sending out game titles such as for example “I’m Gonna Obtain Myself a genuine Man” to budding web publishers. Writer Bruce Bastin creates that the actions of Grice and his peers “displays the speed and somewhat random nature from the fast-expanding music business in these early years.” Both Clara Smith and Virginia Liston documented Grice’s “SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA Blues” in 1924. We were holding second-tier vocalists — albeit talented — in the ranks of feminine blues singers, however the subject material itself didn’t acquire distinction over time. Indeed, for the town that everyone appears to like a lot, SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA also provides many bluesmen the blues to the main point where they would like to sing about any of it. Tenor saxophonist Turn Phillips nevertheless find the Grice method of the Bay for the swing remake years later, yet thought we would hands songwriting credits to Smith. While this isn’t correct, it really is accurate that Grice acquired at least one feminine collaborator, Ruth Coleman. It really is unfortunate which the working circumstances for Grice being a pianist could have been as well harmful for mild-mannered area recording engineers, acquired there also been equipment of the nature around at that time. Jazz maestro Jelly Move Morton mentions Grice in some taped interviews during a number of the scant areas where moderator Alan Lomax enables discussion of topics apart from sex and medicines. Music was Morton’s most significant obsession, in the end, an aspect which was the relentless hunting of regional piano experts, frequently to be able to lower them down aswell as savor and study from their attempts. “Baby Grice was a different one that was said to be great,” Morton stated while listing local piano aces, also talking about that Grice’s hometown was Pensacola, Florida. The closest factor to locating out precisely how great Grice might have been might be analyzing stylists who have been affected by him such as for example J.C. Johnson, who actually documented the “Baby Grice Blues” in 1926. It really is a puzzle why web publishers and makers who approved Grice’s original tracks weren’t also interested plenty of in the legends of his piano capabilities to record him. A much greater tale among those that received his submissions was his terrible spelling, a fine detail that can provide some desire to the small subculture of illiterate songwriters, their behaviour summed up greatest by a personality in Pogo comics who are able to write, however, not examine. In Grice’s unique hand-written manuscript for “Desire My Man On a regular basis,” a melody that was hardly ever documented, “awfully” is normally spelled “ofley,” “since” is normally “sence” and “want” is normally “nead.” Grice also not merely uses “ain’t,” he spells it incorrect: “ant.”

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