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The Wolfnote

The Wolfnote formed in November 2001. Made up of vets from within the neighborhood Edmonton, Alberta, picture, the quintet ardently struck out with an advantage of raw risk permeating all their post-hardcore hostility, dark punk swagger, and immediate, vaguely danceable rock and roll anthems. The MC5 needed to be an impact, while comparisons had been quickly garnered to rings like Drive Like Jehu, In the Drive-In, as well as the (International) Sound Conspiracy. Bryan Kulba (acoustic guitar, synths, vocals), Rosaleen McGurry (bass, vocals), Thomas Kerr (acoustic guitar, vocals), Travis Sargeant (vocals), and Garrett Krueger (drums) released two full-length albums and different 7″s and splits within their period together, furthermore to playing displays across THE UNITED STATES with a variety of rings like Bury Your Deceased, Hot Hot Temperature, Ensign, and Sincebyman. The group authorized with Ontario, Canada’s Dark Package Recordings in 2004 and released This is actually the Getdown that June; the record was consequently followed another summer season by Sacred Physiques, an acclaimed (though small known) album made by Alex Newport (In the Drive-In, the Icarus Range). Almost a year after Sacred Physiques’ release, nevertheless, it was around. The Wolfnote made a decision to give up in January 2006.

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