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The Temperance Seven

After decades of music hall and pantomime in Britain, the hyperlink between various types of jazz and different types of comedy (most of them low) was well-forged indeed. This hyperlink was perfectly understood by individuals associated with The Goon Present, a BBC Radio humor present starring Peter Retailers, Harry Secombe and Spike Milligan, with the casual appearance from Michael Bentine — this sort of surreal humor would bring about the Alberts, the Scaffold as well as the Bonzo Pup Doo-Dah Band, using the affects traveling over the Atlantic to inspire such bent comedy-with-brass clothes because the Roto Rooter Great Time Christmas Music group. The Temperance Seven initial made an appearance in 1957, led with the flamboyant Alexander Hitchcock Galloway, who supplied vocals and regular bellows and commentary by way of a brass megaphone. The music group had some immediate links with the Alberts, for the reason that members from the extended version from the Alberts (referred to as the Massed Alberts) discovered their method to the Temperance Seven. Ted Hardwood, sibling of Rolling Rocks member Ron Hardwood, was an associate for quite a while. In 1966, they made an appearance in THE INCORRECT Box, providing a number of the even more hilarious moments within the film. As the music group provides, in its several lineups, recorded several albums, they attained just a few strikes in Britain — although these included a #1 with “You’re Generating Me Crazy.” Various other graph successes included “Pasadena” and “Chili Bom-Bom,” a melody so pervasive it contacted the saturation of the national trend. The music group continues to execute and record by 1998.

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