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The Sunlovers

An obscure Los Angeles-based group that recorded five singles about three labels. The users had been Huey Bell Jr., Louise Bell, John Gibson, and Lawrence Ivey. Among the users is usually deceased, but all I could tell you is usually that it’s not really Huey. He’s alive, apparently well, but untalkative in LA. (Not unusual, the music business could be traumatic and several ex-participants choose to allow sleeping dogs lay.) They debuted June 1967 with “My Poor Center” on Mutt & Jeff Information, which started removing in Southern/North California and encircling Says. The label leased it to Breakthrough Information a month later on and released another Sunlovers’ solitary using the same catalog quantity entitled “YOU MAY NEVER Make the Quality” using the same turn, “This Like of Ours,” a nice ballad. “My Poor Heart” was even more mellow compared to the up-tempo “YOU MAY NEVER Make…,” an up-tempo dancer. Neither became greater than a regional/regional achievement, nor did another Mutt & Jeff solitary “I’ll Deal with You Best.” “Primary Road” on Revue Information in 1969 is apparently their final launch. Foreign and home labels are very alert to the Sunlovers and you will discover their few songs on many compilation albums via brands like Goldmine/Spirit Supply, Presto Pub, Dynamite, etc.

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