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The Sparrow

Before joining Steppenwolf, John Kay led the Sparrow, a Toronto band who traveled to NY, L.A., and SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA searching for success along with a protected record agreement. Before starting up with Kay, the Sparrow acted as Canadian pop vocalist Jack London’s support group, playing on many of his strikes (that have been only strikes in their indigenous property). They just released one formal 45, although some from the tapes they lower for Columbia possess appeared on different albums. Their materials combined Kay originals and blues addresses of stalwarts like John Lee Hooker and Jimmy Reed. Substantially rootsier in orientation than Steppenwolf, the Sparrow performed pedestrian blues-rock generally. Strangely enough, Kay was hardly involved in their finest — and least normal — paths: the beautiful psychedelic tune “Tomorrow’s Dispatch” as well as the massively echoed freakout “Isn’t It Unusual.” Created and sung by additional bandmembers, these tracks (which shaped both sides of the lone solitary) reveal a trippy Californian atmosphere which was distinctly at chances with Kay’s weighty rock leanings.

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