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The Sound Cage

Composing a “bio” from the Appear Cage is certainly a intimidating task, not least of most because it’s uncertain whether “the Appear Cage” therefore existed. What’s for certain is certainly that in 1987, an archive known as The Sound Cage was released that included the involvement of about six musicians, most likely from SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA (where in fact the LP was evidently documented). The record was made by “Reyvision,” which probably might have been the name of the collective-type organization from the performers involved. At the very least, it’s an extremely interesting avant-garde documenting that is possibly the task of two different ensembles. Aspect one, entitled “The Other Works,” provides somber works of varied unusual musical instruments treated with consumer electronics and tape manipulations. Interesting, however the genuine standout is aspect two (entitled “Pianos and Considering”), with watery, reverberant piano improvisations in the vein of (and as effective as) similar function by Brian Eno and Harold Budd.

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