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The Slats

Experimental indie rockers the Slats debuted their particular sound in 1999 using the release of the automobile CD in Tyros Information. Led by guitarist/vocalist Brian Cox, the trio was finished by guitarist/vocalist Jon Hansen and drummer Tag Tietjen. Exclusively, the bandmates resided many miles aside, with associates in Minneapolis and Iowa Town, however the their tightness barely suffered. American Rock and roll implemented in 2000, once again on Tyros. 2002 noticed the release from the four-song Another Physical Response on Pop!Explosion Information. The critically acclaimed, 13-melody disc, THE FANTASTIC Plains of SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA on Tyros Information, was released in 2002. After time for the studio room, the follow-up, Find It Up, premiered in 2004 on Most recent Flame Information. The 15-monitor disc acquired richer lyrics than its forerunner, including the questionable “I REALLY BELIEVE Timothy McVeigh.”

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