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The Revells

The Revells weren’t a genuine group, but among the several surf-hot rod acts from the 1960s which were actually made up of California session players and songwriters. They released one record, a novelty-concept LP of kinds jammed with music about the then-hot slot machine car trend. Masterminded by Gary Usher (who created the record and had written a lot of the tracks with Roger Christian), it shamelessly imitated the cheapest common denominators of Jan & Dean/the Seaside Young boys circa 1964. That isn’t unexpected, as Usher and Christian both helped create a number of the Seaside Young boys’ early tracks (Christian also done materials by Jan & Dean). Regardless of the existence of best L.A. program guys like Glen Campbell and Hal Blaine, the record isn’t worthy of anything apart from as an interval piece, though it was reissued on Compact disc in 1995.

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