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The Penny Arkade

The Cent Arkade under no circumstances released any records throughout their short existence, and their history continues to be muddied from the release of a lot of their materials on rare albums credited to 1 from the band’s singer/songwriters (utilizing a pseudonym, believe it or not). The obscurity and misunderstandings can be unfortunate, because they had been actually a significant great Southern Californian folk-rock-psychedelic music group, similar to Buffalo Springfield sometimes, with others just like a tougher Monkees. The Monkees connection can be explained, partly, by the creation of their studio room edges by Mike Nesmith, who was simply within the Monkees at that time. The nucleus from the Cent Arkade was made up of vocalist/songwriters Craig Smith and Chris Ducey. The couple of them documented because the duo Chris & Craig, who released a rare solitary on Capitol in 1966. That they had fulfilled Nesmith previously in NY so when Nesmith was getting successful using the Monkees, he created Smith and Ducey’s fresh music group, the Cent Arkade, which also included Don Glut on bass and Bobby Donaho on drums. Nesmith documented a substantial amount of materials using the music group around 1967, with a watch to utilizing the recordings to have them a agreement. They couldn’t get yourself a deal, nevertheless, and split up without releasing anything. Craig Smith acquired experienced some achievement being a songwriter included in other artists, using the Monkees documenting “Salesman,” Andy Williams “Holly,” and Glen Campbell “Nation Gal.” With those royalties, he embarked on moves around the world so when he came back to the State governments, those who’d known him believed he’d gotten method weirder. That’s backed by the spooky build from the single recordings he do in the first ’70s, that are somewhat similar to the acidity folk of performers like Neglect Spence. In the first ’70s, he mixed some early-’70s single recordings with about an album’s worthy of of older unreleased Cent Arkade tracks for just two LPs, Apache and Inca. Both had been acknowledged to Maitreya Kali, the name Smith was right now using for himself, and released in such little quantities that these were essentially vanity pressings. The Cent Arkade materials for the Maitreya Kali albums is in fact very good and worth more interest than many would believe provided their total obscurity. Without as effective as Buffalo Springfield (and fairly derivative of Buffalo Springfield), tracks like “Color Dream,” “Swim,” “Lamps of Dawn,” and “Knot the Freize” (sic) evoke a number of the Springfield’s better elements. Especially ambitious was the 12-minute “Knot the Freize” (sic), the Cent Arkade’s personal “Damaged Arrow” maybe, as from the suite of a number of different songs. There is also their edition of “Nation Girl,” that was fairly and tuneful countrified folk-rock. The Maitreya Kali albums, and therefore the Cent Arkade (who aren’t credited at all for the Maitreya Kali LPs), had been unknown even to numerous fanatical 1960s rock and roll collectors. Nevertheless, those albums, and therefore adequate Cent Arkade materials, had been restored to easy availability if they had been reissued like a two-CD arranged on the Regular/Shadoks label. While Smith’s post-’70s actions remain secret, bassist Don Glut became an unbiased horror/technology fiction filmmaker and Chris Ducey do a middle-’70s single recording for Warner Bros.

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