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Following a lengthy tenure in every and two albums with Goodbye Harry, vocalist Scott Reynolds shifted to Buffalo, NY, to create the Pavers in 1998. Carrying on on using the hyper-paced pop-punk of his earlier bands, Reynolds met up with Annabel people Tim Patterson (acoustic guitar), Eric Tuberdyke (acoustic guitar), Tag Galley (bass), and Josh Heatley (drums) to accomplish the lineup. Possessed and Operated Information ultimately released the Pavers’ 1st album, Regional 1500, annually after they met up. They adopted it up with an EP in 2002, Wrecking Ball, on CI Information.

Quick Facts

Full Name The Pavers
Music Songs Mr. Shepherd's Bandage, Red Suzuki, Safe Boating, Little Bitch, Scary Eyes, Bilge Rat, No Laughing, Deer Street, Tea Cup, 57 Franklin, I Don't Wanna Grow Up, Run Away, Holly, Emma Lee, She Is Vapor, You're Sicko Dad, Split Shifter, Joan's Neighbor, Tie Me Up, She'll Do It, Mr. Falkhurst, I Like Your Daughter, Ruiner, Fierce Apple, Jimmy Misses Sarah, Broken Doll, Tacoma Narrows, Fight 15, 4 B 10 Zone, Oscilator, Humilliation, Return to the Island of No Return, Thank You, Mr. Hollywood Fancy Pants, Silver Moon
Albums Local 1500, Return to the Island of No Return, Wrecking Ball, Beautiful

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