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The Paradons

The Paradons are know best for the stunning “Gemstones and Pearls,” which reached number 18 within the pop chart in 1960, nine rungs greater than it registered within the R&B chart. The quartet, made up of close friends William Forces and Expenses Meyers plus Chuck Weldon and Western Tyler, gigged at college dances and regional night clubs around Bakersfield, CA, performing what the viewers requested until an opportunity to record came into being with Milestone Information. Their first program, one nights function, yielded eight edges, including the strike “Gemstones and Pearls” as well as the B-side “I’D LIKE Like.” “Gemstones and Pearls” became a popular on r / c and generated looks on American Bandstand, the Apollo, the Howard, along with other best locations for R&B performers. Money problems place a monkey wrench within the blend, however, as well as the group disbanded after disenchantment occur. The follow-up “Bells Band” didn’t perform anything, and neither do “Take Most of Me” nor “I HAD DEVELOPED a Fantasy.” The group remained together significantly less than annually, but Milestone held issuing Paradons edges until they fatigued the supply. Producing rock & move records, even great ones, didn’t verify successful for the Bakersfield lads.

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