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The Majesticons


Mike Ladd is among hip-hop’s most ambitious companies, building a profession out of fabricating groups and tasks to match his conceptual eyesight and offbeat love of life. In 2001, he made a artificial hip-hop war between your underground as well as the mainstream, using the Majesticons representing the last mentioned side from the equation as well as the similarly fictional Infesticons performing because the heroic underground statistics. An Infesticons record emerged initial, and after it became a cult strike in the brand new York hip-hop picture, Ladd made a decision to put together a reply off their rival staff. Crafting what they contact “post-jiggy,” the Majesticons’ rhymes revolve around their commercial careers, incredible prosperity, advanced schooling, and privileged backgrounds. What’s accurate and what isn’t accurate isn’t entirely apparent, but it appears like this staff — which include Sir Long, Teisha, Cheeta, and Ladd’s alter ego, Jay Wakowitz — is merely poking fun on the flashy “bling bling” attitude widespread in hip-hop following the convert of the hundred years. Beauty Party, their just record, premiered on Big Dada in the first weeks of 2003.

Quick Facts

Music Songs Majestwest Party, Piranha Party, Suburb Party, Fader Party, Brains Party, San Trope Party, Volvo Party, Luv Thief Party, Prom Night Party, Platinum Blaque Party, Intro Party, Dwarf Star Party, Helicopter Party, Game Party, Parlor Party
Albums Beauty Party

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