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Given that they fell collectively in DC in 1994, the Instigators have already been churning out a potent combination of ska, rock and roll and golf swing. After honing their abilities for quite some time, including performing many sold-out displays in DC, touring with just about any main ska performer and playing for the Capitol yard, they released their debut complete lentgh recording, Happy Hour, in 1999. The music group, which boasted vocalist Mike Frank, guitarist Dan Golden, bassist Brad Saaks, guitarist Fritz Blanchette, drummer Pat Flynn, trumpeter Chris Newman, saxophonist Gavin Benke and trombonist Jonathan Fallin — a typically large ska ensemble — whipped up excitement for their 1st full-length by touring thoroughly over the U.S. in 1998 and 1999.

Quick Facts

Music Songs Nobody Listens Anymore, The Blood is on Your Hands, Ain't Been Getting Along, Tricked and Abused, The Church Says, Dark and Lonely, 24k Love, Doomsday Plus One, Play Dead, It's Got to Be Stopped, Forgotten Few, Eye to Eye, Situation Desperate, Your Not Free, Dine Upon the Dead, Star Shine, Children of the World, Wrong Word, Helicopters in the Night, Summer, Senile 16, Intolerator/Intolerhater, Ugly People, Old Is Sad, Waitin' On You, T.V. Drug Run, Livin' On the Run, Run Don't Walk, We, Your Murdered Sisters, The Fix, Repo Man, Hedonism
Albums Nobody Listens Anymore, Live on KBOO, Recovery Sessions, Volume Two, Happy Hour, Anthology, Vol.1, Phoenix, Living Gift, " Live in Berlin" Demolition of the Wall, Chaka Chaka, Live at Bradford Vaults Bar, Never Has Been, Anthology Vol. 2, Livin' On the Run, The Blood Is on Your Hands, Instigators Invasion, Dine Upon the Dead, The Early Demos

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