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The Impossebulls


Comprised of many Midwestern rap artists who collaborate via the web by exchanging MP3 recordings among themselves, the Impossebulls are somewhat of the digital rap group, along with a revolutionary one at that. Just like the guy who brought them jointly and presented these to the planet on his Slam Jamz imprint, renowned Public Foe rabble-rouser Chuck D, the group lashes out with an extremely political design. They focus on the oligarchic music sector using its MTV-sanctioned rappers and rap-co-opting main labels. Their preliminary critique from the sector, “We Don’t Want You,” foreshadowed their following work compiled on the debut album, Particular Model (2002). Though they’re a loose collective, the Impossebulls possess a few primary people: Pvt Militant (Flint, MI), Marcus J (Xenia, OH), DJ Leader Ike (Manhattan, NY), and DJ Def Chad (Pittsburgh, PA). Various other members include Aged College 76, Koz, Wildman Steve, XL, Dels, Jeff 10, Redbull, Xeno, Jamod, and manufacturer C-Doc.

Quick Facts

Full Name The Impossebulls
Music Songs Freespit, Back to It, State Trooper, Bleeding Envy, Devil’s Pie, Breaker 1?2, Erykah & Jean, The More Things Change, The Getback, Let Me Spell You This, Life & Times of 40 Year Rhymes, Debt, Parts 1 & 2, Bad Cop, Never Met a Mic, Idle Hands, Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead, Brothers, The Breath I Got Left, FutureBACK, Revolution 88, Parts 1, 2 & 3, Road Warriors, Think, Hit Me With a Hit, Parts 1 & 2, Havenots Mascot, Runnin’ With the Bulls, Blood on the Sidewalk, The Getdown, Bigger Than You, Liars & Conmen, Rhythm Roulette, Chapter III, 5 × 5
Albums Everything Has Changed – Nothing Is Different, Five by Five III: Greed, Five by Five I: Wrath, Five by Five II: Sloth

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