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The Immortal Lee County Killers


Formed in summer time 1999 in Auburn, AL, by guitarist Chetley “Cheetah” Weise (formerly of Quadrajets) and drummer Doug “the Boss” Sherrard. Merging punkish garage rock and roll pathos with the essential components of Chicago and Mississippi Delta blues, the Immortal Lee Region Killers surfaced as purveyors of possibly the loudest & most intense blues-based music ever. Only using drums and greatly distorted acoustic guitar, the group documented THE FUNDAMENTAL Fuck-Up Blues hardly four weeks after developing for Estrus on Weise’s eight-track within an dilapidated shack that experienced offered as rehearsal space. Employing a switching foot-operated program, Weisepounded out both acoustic guitar and bass noises through seperate amplifiers, both cranked with their limit. A small number of break up singles adopted on numerous indie brands. Sherrard departed in early 2001 to become replaced from the noisy and flamboyant J.R.R. Token (“the Token One”), also past due of Quadrajets.

Quick Facts

Full Name The Immortal Lee County Killers
Music Songs Let's Get Killed, Turn on the Panther, Train She Rides, Revolution Summer, Rollin' Stone, Love Is a Charm, Killer 45, Don't Nothing Hurt Me Like My Back and Side, Big Damn Roach, She's Not Afraid of Anything Walking, Go to Hell on Judgement Day, Said I'd Find My Way, Won't Cook Fish, Shitcanned Again, Sonic Angel, Weak Brain, Narrow Mind, Goin' Down South, Stitched in Sin, The Damned Don't Cry, No More My Lord, Sometimes the Devil Sneaks Inside My Head, Rollin' and Tumblin', Truth Through Sound, Burnin' Hell, What Are They Doing in Heaven Today?, Airliner, Lights Down Low, Wide as the Sky, That's How Strong My Love Is, Rock and Roll Is Killing Me, God Bless the Losers Who Try, ... Love Unbolts the Dark..."
Albums Love Is a Charm of Powerful Trouble, The Essential Fucked Up Blues!, These Bones Will Rise to Love You Again, Love Unbolts the Dark

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