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The Guest Stars

This popular UK jazz pop fusion group comprised Deirdre Cartwright (b. 27 July 1956, London, Britain; electric guitar), Josefina Cupido (b. 21 July 1951, London, Britain; drums/vocals), Laka Daisical (b. Dorota Koch, 8 January 1953, Oxford, Britain; piano/vocals), Linda Da Mango (b. Linda Malone, 19 Apr 1951, Southampton, Hampshire, Britain; congas/percussion/vocals), Alison Rayner (b. 7 Sept 1952, Bromley, Kent, Britain; bass), and Ruthie Smith (b. 24 November 1950, Manchester, Britain; saxophones/vocals). The all-women Visitor Stars came jointly in the first 80s. Their exciting combination of Latin, African, Caribbean and jazz musics shown their several backgrounds in groupings such as for example Soulyard (Daisical, Da Mango, Smith), Redbrass (Cupido), Jam Today (Rayner) and Tour De Drive (Cartwright – who was simply also co-presenter from the BBC Tv series, Rockschool). The six had been also core associates from the all-women big rings Sisterhood Of Spit and Lydia D’Ustebyn Golf swing Orchestra, and Cupido, Daisical and Smith sang using the a cappella Hipscats. Connected by their dedication to feminism also to collective operating (the music group organized their very own trips and released their very own records, by using administrators Deborah Dickinson and Anne Cooper), the Visitor Stars didn’t overlook the goodtime areas of their music; their live shows were frequently uproarious affairs, similar to celebrations than concerts. They toured the united kingdom, the united states, Germany, Spain and the center East and released three albums before divorce in 1989. Since that time Cartwright, Daisical (with Slave TOWARDS THE Tempo) and Rayner (using the Jazz Backyard) possess led their very own organizations, while Cupido functions regularly using the Grand Union big music group. A brief Visitor Stars reunion occurred in 2004.

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