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The Galactic Heroes formed in the past due ’90s in SC, when Mike and Ricky formed the group from the ashes of the group Flop UK. The band’s upbeat tempo of indie pop quickly changed minds in twee pop circles. The band’s name originated from the gaming Galaga. The band’s initial discharge was the self-released Zombie, a 26-tune EP of monster tracks for children, a primary reaction to Jad Fair’s Monster Tracks for Children Compact disc. How About BAY AREA? premiered on Magic Marker Information in 2000 and was learned by Robert Schneider from the Apples in Stereo system. Every Sidewalk premiered in 2004, once again on Magic Marker. Scott and Taylor circular out the live lineup. The band’s concert events had been infrequent, as bandmembers have a home in Oregon, Massachusetts, and SC.

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Music Songs Baby Blue Volvo, Brisk Shower, Neat Street, Today Won't Be the Same, Porch Swing, Pop Songs Your New Boyfriend's Too Stupid To Know About, Get Up, Open Frame, Brief Meeting, Coffee and Pastries, Cherokee, Wonderful, Heroes and Villains, Tennessee, Shai-ya, To Be Alone, Bus Stop, Rain, Body Touch, No Deposit No Return, Ice Skating, 4306 SE 34th Ave, Back in Love, The Hit, All In Time, Copy Cop, Payphone Country, Sing-A-Long, All Makes a Day, Dale, Philadelphia, Tweedles, Sum of Your Parts
Albums How About San Francisco?, Every Sidewalk

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