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The Frosted Ambassador


If one would be to believe his label Kindercore Information, home-recording enigma the Frosted Ambassador “began in 1977 within the group Chronicle Ape & the brand new Sound. A unsatisfactory solo profession in the first ’80s prompted his pension from music and relocation to Belgium to review toast.” Furthermore, the initial professional of his self-titled debut record was supposedly “discovered buried under a goose (Independence Goose) by an American serviceman living abroad, who accidentally delivered the tape house to his family members in Georgia instead of an meant audio notice (coincidentally regarding the quality of crispy breads in European countries). This tape ultimately resurfaced in 1995 inside a footwear suspended more than a colonial hairpiece inside a Georgia thrift shop.” Although nobody linked to the task would arrive clean, some hints indicated the Frosted Ambassador to in reality be the single alias of Olivia Tremor Control drummer Eric Harris — not merely was the next track for the Olivias’ debut Dusk at Cubist Castle entitled “Frosted Ambassador,” but examples through the group’s Dark Foliage record resurface for the Ambassador’s disk, which actually features artwork thanks to OTC co-founder William Cullen Hart. The recording made an appearance on Kindercore in 1999.

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