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The flagship music group of the famous Sarah Information, the Field Mice neatly encapsulated the label’s trademark wispy, lovelorn pop sound and remain being among the most beloved Uk cult bands of their own time. Debuting in 1988 using the solitary “Emma’s Home,” the Field Mice had been originally made up of vocalist/guitarist Robert Wratten and bassist Michael Hiscock; in the beginning dismissed within the U.K. press only a small amount a lot more than twee pop fluff, during the period of following produces like 1989’s “Delicate” as well as the Therefore Stated Kay EP, the group gained not just a devout pursuing, but additionally grudging crucial respect, along the way getting Sarah’s best-selling music group. Later growing to some quintet using the enhancements of guitarist Harvey Williams, keyboardist Annemari Davies, and drummer Tag Dobson, the group kept fast with their label’s singles-only plan (or mini-LPs) until a much-requested compilation LP, Coastal, was finally released in middle-1991; a studio room album, For Helps to keep, appeared just a couple months later. Nevertheless, within the wake of the November, 1991 Glasgow live time which finished in on-stage fisticuffs, the Field Mice essentially disbanded, playing one last London farewell gig before splitting once and for all; Wratten, Davies, and Dobson afterwards reunited in North Picture Library and Trembling Blue Superstars.

Quick Facts

Full Name The Field Mice
Music Songs Emma's House, If You Need Someone, So Said Kay, When Morning Comes To Town, Let's Kiss and Make Up, Missing the Moon, Fabulous Friend, Between Hello and Goodbye, I Can See Myself Alone Forever, It Isn't Forever, September's Not So Far Away, Anyone Else Isn't You, This Love Is Not Wrong, Five Moments, Song Six, Couldn't Feel Safer, And Before The First Kiss, Coach Station Reunion, End of the Affair, This Is Not Here, You're Kidding Aren't You, Below the Stars, Everything About You, An Earlier Autumn, A Wrong Turn and Raindrops, When You Sleep, I Thought Wrong, That's All This Is, Holland Street, The Last Letter, Sensitive, Other Galaxies
Albums For Keeps, Skywriting, Snowball, Coastal, The Autumn Store Part Two, Field Mice, Where'd You Learn to Kiss That Way?, The Autumn Store Part One, Other Galaxies

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