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The Fantastic Deejays

A Pittsburgh garage area music group whose high stage was opening for the Rolling Rocks concert in 1965. They could have already been total unknowns in the grand system of things, however they actually were able to cut several mainly self-penned singles on regional brands in 1965 and 1966 that are well reputed by ’60s enthusiasts. The trio highlighted two guitarists and a drummer — a bass-less lineup, which really is a rarity in rock and roll music. A few of their singles had been recorded at an area radio station, and even the crudeness from the creation is amazing, with mounds and mounds of reverb producing the band appear to be nothing a lot as a garage area punk edition of Peter & Gordon. After five singles and an record, the group disbanded and advanced in to the Swamp Rats, a harder-edged combo relying nearly exclusively on awful punk variations of big rock and roll and R&B strikes.

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