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The Famous Hokum Boys


As the Famous Hokum Boys has resulted in like a name for various regional old-time music and country-blues groups, probably the most famous group using the name was a loose-knit aggregation of blues singers which were actually better known under their very own names. However Georgia Tom, Tampa Crimson, and Big Expenses Broonzy might have needed the somewhat even more anonymous cover of the combo name to be able to launch their raunchiest materials, including the quantity “It’s Tight LIKE THIS.” By enough time the second option ditty was cut in the past due ’20s, blues or so-called “competition information” was founded as a location where sexy, occasionally downright unpleasant lyrics, had been a stock-in-trade. Georgia Tom, also known under his genuine name of Thomas Dorsey, especially might have needed some type of a cover to avoid his high-profile gospel and spiritual singing profession from becoming corrupted. The ruse barely worked, however, however the result in fact ended up being sort of a canonization of Dorsey as well as the Famous Hokum Children by afterwards advocates of what became referred to as “modern Christian music,” where it had been alright, even preferred, for the performer to touch on steamy topics such as for example lust and adultery. “It’s completely arguable that Religious music wouldn’t normally can be found if it weren’t for the Rev. Thomas A. Dorsey,” a newspaper specialized in the modern Christian genre also wrote. The word “hokum” is thought to have been created with the Famous Hokum Children as a fresh descriptive term for the sort of material the music group was discovering, but provides since evolved right into a minimally utilized appearance for something corny, low-brow, or kitschy, with small mention of sex — or gospel.

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Music Songs Rollin' Mill, I Had to Give Up Gym, Saturday Night Rub, Gin Mill Blues, Pig Meat Strut, You Can't Get Enough of That Stuff, Eagle Riding Papa, Terrible Operation Blues, Caught Us Doing It, Somebody's Been Using That Thing, Nancy Jane, Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat, Papa's Getting Hot, That Stuff I Got, Fix It - Georgia Tom & Jane Lucas, Black Cat Rag, Pie-Eating Strut, Leave My Man Alone Take B, Alabama Scratch Part 1, That's the Way She Likes It, Hip Shakin´Strut, Guitar Rag, Mr. Conductor Man, What´s That I Smell?, No Good Buddy, Leave My Man Alone Take A, Double Trouble Blues, What You Call That?, It´s Been So Long, Terrible Operation Blues - Georgia Tom & Jane Lucas, Mountain Girl Blues, Hip Shakin' Strut
Albums The Famous Hokum Boys, The Roots of Blues: Big Bill Broonzy, Vol. 4, Famous Hokum Boys Volume 1 1930, Famous Hokum Boys Volume 2 1930 - 1931

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