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The Fabulous Performers

The Fabulous Performers were actually the same singers as the Informers, a Philadelphia soul group that released two mid-’60s singles on the tiny J-Rude label. The Informers had been put on keep in middle-1967 when two from the associates were drafted. If they re-formed after those two got from the Army a year or two afterwards in 1969, they transformed their name towards the Fabulous Performers, after getting informed another group was using the name the Informers. The Fabulous Performers after that put out several fair singles over the Blackjack label, upgrading their Informers sound with slicker creation, and preserving their service with both ballads and dance music. The Fantastic Performers didn’t have sufficient personality or sufficient music to merit stardom, however the singles are solid period ’60s Philly spirit, the Temptations impact arriving at the fore over the socially mindful lyrics and funk wah-wah electric guitar of “CONSIDER IT.” The Fabulous Performers split up after a significant car crash in the summertime of 1971. Both edges of both Fantastic Performers singles on Blackjack had been reissued within the compilation The Seems of North Philly, along with four previously unreleased tracks. That disc also contains both edges of both Informers singles on J-Rude, two edges of an early on unreleased Informers acetate, and ten tracks by an unrelated ’60s Philadelphia spirit group, the Royal Five.

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