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Seen as a a straight-ahead alternative rock and roll appear, the Doughboys created in Montreal in 1986. Authorized to Pipeline Information just half a year later, the music group released Whatever twelve months later on. After three following albums (1988’s House Once again, 1990’s Happy Incidents, and 1992’s Something’s Eliminated Wrong), they authorized with A&M and released Crush in 1993. The Doughboys’ initial lineup contains bassist John Bonhead, guitarist Jonathon Cummins, vocalist/guitarist John Kastner, and drummer Brock Pytel, but Peter Arsenault later on changed Bonhead and Paul Newman required over for Pytel. In 1998 the music group split, and two rings emerged because of this: Bionic and everything Systems Go!

Quick Facts

Full Name Doughboy
Music Songs Why Can't She See Me?, Tuesday Afternoon, It's a Cryin' Shame, Rock On, Fix Me, Turn Your Love On Me, Queen City, Early Warning Wake Up, I'm Not Your Man, Twelve Bars and I Still Have The Blues, Sidetracked Again, Tearin' Away, Shitty Song, Neighbourhood Villain, Black Sheep, Keep Your Dog Off Me, End Of The Hall, She Comes in Colors, Carmalina, Summer Song, The Tears of a Clown, Hear Me Moan, Out of the Night, Sink or Swim, I'm That Kind of Man, History, Fool for Your Love, Bow to the Man, For Your Love, Kitten City, She Rocks My Soul, Too Little Too Late
Albums Act Your Rage, Hot Beat Stew, Shakin' Our Souls, Rock N' Raw, Crush, Now & Then, Front Street Rebels

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