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The District Six

Almost nothing is well known from the Area Six, except that they cut 12 songs in 1966 and 1967 that could have constituted a killer album. The materials is all addresses, but it’s a unique mix, finished with design and enjoyment, of songs from the Association, Like, the Music Machine, etc. This business attacked the tunes — which range from “Cherish” and “Keep in mind” from the Association to harder edges like “Chat Chat” and “Start Your Like Light,” plus authentic oddities like Bob Seger’s “She Cried No (East Part Tale)” — with soul and lots of treatment, especially considering that their just surviving tape is definitely a demonstration. Their playing was hard and crunchy and their performing showed focus on the proper nuances. Wherever the users finished up, they deserved achievement somewhere if indeed they couldn’t think it is as the Area Six.

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