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The Dead Research came together in later 2000 after losing its primary moniker, the Special Science, for an emo band. Sam Mickens (vocals, electric guitar) and brothers Jherek (contrabass) and Korum Bischoff (drums) have been playing with several jazz and experimental groupings before self-releasing the Glactose EP under their first name. Tugging from a number of affects, the band includes a audio with one feet in avant-garde jazz as well as the other within the noir pop and rock and roll performed by U.S. Maple or Nick Cave. Certainly Kosher released the group’s correct debut, Submariner, in 2003. Sam Mickens and Jherek Bischoff continuing to moonlight within the experimental music group Xiu Xiu.

Quick Facts

Music Songs Monster Island Czars, Sword Cane, Death Duel Productions, Wife You, White Cane, Throne of Blood, Girl With the Unseen Hand, White Train, Holliston, Drrrty Magneto, The Dancing Destroyer, Make Mine Marvel, Lamentable, The Future, Forever, Black Lane, Blood Tuning, Unseeing Eye, Lead to Gold in the Hour of Chaos, Tension at Pitch, Batty, Threnody, Black Stockings, Clemency, The Ghost Integrity, Last Return, White Stain, Displacer Beast, All Ye Whom Love of Fortune, Child/Actress, Lil Half Dead, Ossuary, Hiroshima Love Song
Albums Villainaire, Frost Giant, Submariner, Parenthetical Girls/Dead Science 7" split, Bird Bones in the Bughouse, Xiu Xiu/The Dead Science split 7-inch, Crepuscule with the Dead Science, Galactose, Sholi / The Dead Science - Split 7"

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