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The Dark Fantastic


The Dark Fantastic carves moody, haunted songs from the soundscape of psychedelic desert rock. The music generates a space which is simultaneously a chronicle from the tests and tribulations of everyday middle People in america along with a plunge right into a globe of psychological nomads: Enthusiasts, wanderers, and killers that drift in and out of locations and lives. Tag Pickerel started the Dark Fantastic as his single task while drumming in post-grunge Truly, a music group that helped to define the Northwestern audio making use of their mind-bending full-length on Capitol Information, Fast Tales From Child Coma. In 1997, after Truly’s last record, Sense You Up, Pickerel enlisted guitarist Jesse Roberts and bassist Mike Elkins to help make the Dark Fantastic a full-blown music group. Tag Pickerel’s songwriting pulls from his huge experience using the best music artists within the Pacific Northwest, including Kurt Cobain (have a look at Pickerel around the Nirvana package arranged Ain’t It a Pity). The Dark Fantastic’s 1999 self-titled debut pulls on affects like Red Floyd and Echo as well as the Bunnymen for any dark, somber pop sound. At exactly the same time, it recommendations Pickerel’s start using the Screaming Trees and shrubs around the band’s most amazing forays into psychedelia, EVEN THOUGH and PARTICULARLY WHEN and Buzz Manufacturing plant, in addition to his even more sobering focus on aged friend Tag Lanegan’s single albums. In 2000, Pickerel slice an archive with Jim Carroll and became a member of Neko Case and Her Boyfriends. The contact of Neko Case’s nation can be noticed around the Dark Fantastic’s 2001 follow-up Goodbye Crooked Scar tissue, where Tag Pickerel’s Brian Wilson harmonies whisper via a much east-meets-west supernatural trip.

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Music Songs Protected by Their Prayers, The Girl With the Cross in Her Car, As You Were Leaving, Waiting in the Foyer, Wind Forever, Four Stories High, Shadow's Animal, I'm No Good, The Whisper Erotic, Shadow's Theme, My Wandering Eye, In Love With You, Fall to My Knees, Incident at Desert Aire, You Wore Red, I Wore Black, Your Avenue, Lies of the Architect, Hour of Need, When Night Lost Meaning, Valentine, Untitled, [unknown], Architect
Albums Goodbye Crooked Scar, The Dark Fantastic
Nominations Shamus Award for Best P. I. Hardcover Novel

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