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The Daktaris

The Daktaris were an Afro-beat group on the brand new York-based funk revival label Desco, recording compact, Fela Kuti-style grooves that sounded as if they’d come straight away from 1970s Nigeria. Initially, Desco did nothing at all to discourage that notion, product packaging their 1998 record Spirit Explosion to appear to be an authentically African collector’s wish, and even offering a number of the music group associates Nigerian aliases. However in truth, the Daktaris had been Brooklyn-based studio music artists, most of them white, a lot of whom acquired already been set up by Desco minds Gabriel Roth and Phillipe Lehman because the label’s home music group, the Soul Suppliers. Besieged by queries in regards to the music’s roots and demand for a Daktaris tour, Roth and Lehman shortly recognized the hoax, but provided the grade of the record, the backlash wasn’t enormously great. There is no follow-up towards the Daktaris’ preliminary session, however, many of the associates formed a fresh Afro-beat revivalist group known as Antibalas within the springtime of 1998.

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