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The Critics


With an early on love for the Beatles, The Who and Cheap Trick while we were young within the Northwestern suburbs of Chicago, Kevin Mantegna (vocals/ guitar), Marty Winer (drums) and Todd Rusin (bass) eventually became inspired enough to create their very own combo of 60’s power-pop and psychedelic rock and roll. Resulting in the forming of The Critics, the music group immediately documented a demonstration and two compilation slashes before launching their full-length debut “Raintree” in 1995.

Quick Facts

Full Name The Critic
Music Songs Lucy Wan, Broomfield Hill, The Dirty Union Leaders, Strawberry Town, The Driver's Song, The Ballad of Ho Chi Minh, The Crooked Cross, Single Girl, The Whale Catchers, Oh, Brother, Did you Weep?, Sweet Trinity, We'll Rant and We'll Roar, Johnny Sands, I'm a Girl of Constant Sorrow, Sea Shanties, Irish Dance Music, Song of Choice, The Doffin Mistress

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