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The Crazy People


Little is well known about this later-’60s band apart from these were Canadian, recorded their singular record Bedlam for the Burnaby, Uk Columbia-based Condor exploit label (house to a broad diversity of rings, included in this Latin Vacation, Blues Teach, the Browse Riders, as well as the Jimmy Cole Unlimited), and were intensely strange even for the period. From there, probably appropriately more than enough, everything gets a little fuzzy. A lot of the Crazy People tale can be couched in secret and at the mercy of various rumours and speculation. It really is thought, due to the label it really is on, how the band was in fact an exploitation studio room project rather than proper combo. Probably the most plausible theory can be that it’s the brainchild of Johnny Kitchen, whose name might seem terribly arcane towards the informal music enthusiast but can be well-known among ’60s enthusiasts even though his identity continues to be an entire enigma. What’s known about Kitchen is the fact that he was something of the poor-man’s Kim Fowley. He previously a submit literally a large number of crazed and experimental underground information in America through the latter many years of the 10 years. Finding yourself in LA in later 1968 or early 1969, he started making information for the Crestview label you start with the self-titled Victims of Possibility debut. He was also included that year using the bizarre initial record from accredited schizophrenic and acidity freakazoid Larry ‘Crazy Man’ Fischer, Evening with Crazy Man Fischer, that was released on Frank Zappa’s Bizarre label. That’s where a connection arises that’s both veiled in conjecture and apparently a lot more than coincidental. Fischer’s recording shares not really a few commonalities using the Crazy People recording. In fact, both contain a few identical components, including a whole chorus and vocal using one track. Some feature the shared occasions to real happenstance or simply musical borrowings. Others (included in this Gear Fab mind Roger Maglio within the Compact disc reissue liner records) have recommended that both albums are most likely the function of an individual man: Wild Guy Fischer himself, who maybe also utilized the pseudonym Johnny Kitchen for outside tasks. Crazy People’s Bedlam precedes Fischer’s debut by almost annually, and, actually, it really is known that Kitchen is at Canada during 1968, involved with another Condor launch, THE ENTIRE WORLD Using the Trio of Tyme. He offers two songwriting credits on Bedlam aswell. Following that the guessing video game gets muddier and much more inexact, along with other plausible titles have already been tossed around, including an area Vancouver personality, tv weatherman Jack port Millman, who also offers several songs around the recording. Probably, however, the reality of the problem offers lived and passed away using the 1960s themselves.

Quick Facts

Full Name Crazy People
Music Songs Crazy People Logo, Main Title / Madison Avenue, The Breakthrough, Off to Bennington Hospital /Kathy Brings New Hope, Honest Ads / Emory and Kathy Talk, You’re Fired, Dance of the Crazies, Separation, We Can Do Ads, Kathy Talks About Adam, Success, Hold Me, We’re Nobodies in the Big Parade, A Surprise, Cars, What Happened? / Up to Tyrant, Feeling Lost, Emory Leaves, Emory Uncovers the Truth, Kathy Is Saved, Sony, Our Eyes Are Closer, The Hello Song*, End Title, The Breakthrough (Alternate), Kathy Brings New Hope (Alternate), Honest Ads / Emory and Kathy Talk (Alternate), You’re Fired (Alternate), Kathy Talks About Adam (Alternate), We’re Nobodies in the Big Parade (Alternate), Solo Upright Piano 1, Solo Upright Piano 2, Solo Upright Piano 3
Albums Bedlam, Bedlam (Johnny Kitchen Presents The Crazy People) (Remastered)

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