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The Casket Lottery


Coalesce’s Nathan Ellis (acoustic guitar/vocals) and Stacy Hilt (bass) founded the Casket Lottery in the late ’90s and composed an audio around crashing emo-tailored lyrics and large guitar function. They found drummer Nathan Richardson simply with time for trips with Rainer Maria, Little Brown Bicycle, Sweep the Lower leg Johnny, and Waxwing. Many EPs and homemade produces were issued before the band’s appropriate debut, Choose Bronze, on Second Character Recordings in 1999. A yr later, Shifting Mountains premiered, showcasing the Casket Lottery’s developing sound. Another record, Survival Is perfect for Cowards, coincided a Coalesce reunion in springtime 2002. A yr later, the music group collected a small number of oddities and rarities for the Possibles and Maybes.

Quick Facts

Full Name The Casket Lottery
Music Songs A Dead Dear, Everyone Here Is Wrong, Ever Since Sulfur, Ancient Injury, Deepset and Longlashed, Trust Nolan, For When I'm Missing, What I Built Last Night, Jealousy on Tap, Looking Good in Orange, Black Heart Wench of Death, Unteen, Stolen Honda, Real Fear, Vista Point, March on to Babylon, Blood on the Handle, Keep Searching, Come Sweet Revenge, A Thousand Oaks, Charmichaels and Carpikes, Softie, Code Red, In the Branches, The Great One and Lonely, The Moon and the Tide, A Priest Walks Into a Bar, Poor Dorian, Bill and Axe, This Song Goes to Eleven, One Trick Pony, Radiation Bells
Albums Survival Is for Cowards, Choose Bronze, Moving Mountains, Real Fear, Touché Amoré / The Casket Lottery, Small Brown Bike & The Casket Lottery, Possiblies and Maybes, Dot Dot Dash Something or Other Dot, Blessed/Cursed, Smoke and Mirrors

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