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[The] Caseworker is made up of Conor Jonathan and Eimer Devlin, formerly of About half Film. This experimental artwork rock duo comes from SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA and upon Fifty percent Film’s split up in 2001, Jonathan and Devlin asked their close friends from Swell, Monte Vallier and Sean Kirkpatrick to become listed on them for [the] Caseworker. 2 yrs later, they produced their debut with Manifesto using the enigmatic These Weeks OUGHT TO BE Appreciated.

Quick Facts

Full Name [the] Caseworker
Music Songs Hold on to the Road, Dependence Day, Little Good It Did You, National Runner, Three Thousand Feet Below, Voices Out There, Approaching The Coast, Morgen-Colla, Effi Enters the Boat, Effi Leaves the Boat, Where Did All Those People Go?, The Country Wrote a Lullaby, Sea Years, These Weeks Should Be Remembered, The Great Revealing, The Slow Track, ...At The Edge Of The Water, Markievicz's Walls, Scene in the Viewfinder, Mullin's Hill, Fiction, Part I, My Quare Moon, A Rough Parade, Notes from the Summer..., When I Was a Young King, Fiction, Part II, Sister Song, Identity AA1, The Inside View, What Am I Doing Here?, Languid, Hogsback
Albums Letters From the Coast, When I Was a Young King, Voices Out There, These Weeks Should Be Remembered

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