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The Cap-Tans

A vocal group from Washington, DC, USA, the initial members were Harmon Bethea (business lead), Sherman Buckner (business lead), Floyd Bennett (first tenor), Alfred Slaughter (second tenor, bass) and Lester Fountain (electric guitar, baritone). The Cap-Tans, making use of their refined harmonies, symbolized the 40s pop custom of African-American vocal tranquility, exemplified by such groupings as the Printer ink Areas, Charioteers, and Deep River Guys. The Cap-Tans emerged jointly when, in 1950, record label business owner Lillian Clairborne taken Bethea away from a experienced gospel group, the Intensifying Four, and teamed up the fledgling Cap-Tans with an organization known as the Buddies. Their initial hit, ‘I’m Therefore Crazy For Appreciate’ (1950), became an area feeling on Claiborne’s DC label, but after Dot Information selected it up, it liked sales in the united states. The next discharge, on Dot, matched a prototype rock and roll ‘n’ roll tune, ‘Chief Switch The Line On Me’, with another simple pop design, ‘With All My Appreciate’, and both edges received great airplay in early 1951. Of most these tracks, most looked back again to the past within their simple pop style; just ‘Chief, Switch The Line On Me’ exhibited a difficult R&B style. The initial group began to dissolve in 1951, when Fountain was drafted and changed by Ray Audience. Some more releases in the Gotham and Coral brands appeared without achievement, as well as the group disbanded in 1953. Harmon Bethea resurrected the Cap-Tans in 1958, however the magic of the initial group was eliminated, and this clothing folded in the first 60s. Around 1967 Bethea shaped Mask Man AS WELL AS THE Agents.

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