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The Hype made only one in 1966. Nevertheless, it excites enthusiasts both due to its crazy guitar noises — the epitome of the mod/R&B/proto-psychedelic collision enthusiasts have got retroactively dubbed “freakbeat” — and since it was made by Joe Meek. “You’re Keeping Me Down” was a beehive orgy of frenzied guitars and typically compressed Meek creation, and among the fairly few types of Meek handling to adjust to the changing tendencies of the United kingdom Invasion (the Syndicats’ “Crawdaddy Simone” getting a different one). Vocalist Tam Light recalled that Meek flooded the tune with echo, which the B-side, “I’ve Gotta Hype,” was among the most severe music he (Light) acquired heard. “You’re Keeping Me Down” was reissued in the compilation Freak Defeat Fantoms in 1989. The Hype acquired advanced from an Edinburgh music group known as the Boston Dexters, and Meek experienced originally prepared to record them within the Drifters’ track “Make sure you Stay,” which he rather produced using the Cryin’ Shames (who experienced a small strike with it in Britain). The Hype broke up just a couple weeks after their solitary, with Tam White colored going to several singles for Decca, and an recording for Middle Globe. The Hype that do “You’re Keeping Me Down,” incidentally, are totally unrelated towards the group known as the Hype that supported David Bowie in 1966.

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