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The idea is bizarre — four a cappella vocalists who call themselves “Bob” and cover rock & roll numbers — yet it somehow works for folks, even people in high places; furthermore to creating a faithful pursuing, the Bobs received a Grammy nomination for his or her arrangement from the Beatles’ “Helter Skelter.” The music group was founded in 1981, when Gunnar Bob Madsen and Matthew Bob Stull dropped their jobs having a performing telegram organization (you can just wonder why). As well as Richard Bob Greene, they started to perform cappella within the SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA Bay Region, adding Janie Bob Scott with their lineup in 1982. The next year saw the discharge of the eponymous debut recording using the liner records containing the traditional “Caution: All of the sounds upon this documenting were made by the mouth area or other areas of your body.” Addresses included the abovementioned Beatles cut in addition to Talking Minds’ “Psycho Killer” and several probingly smart and blissfully witty primary quantities. Released in 1987, My, I’m Huge continued within the same vein, blending addresses and madcap originals, while Music for Tomorrow Morning, released the next year, highlighted a five-song series about laundry created for their creative companions, the dance troupe ISO. In 1989, Joe Bob Finetti changed creator Gunnar Bob Madsen for the documenting of Sing the Music of…. This lineup continued to be intact for many even more years, when, in 1997, Janie Bob Scott was changed by Lori Bob Rivera, who was simply then changed by Amy Bob Engelhardt in 1998, resulting in the discharge of Coaster. The 2000s brought two extra Bobs produces, Rhapsody in Bob in 2005 and obtain Your Monkey Off My Pup in 2007. The newest incarnation from the Bobs contains founders Matthew Bob Stull and Richard Bob Greene alongside Amy Bob Engelhardt and Dan Bob Schumacher, the last mentioned of whom changed Joe Bob Finetti within the quartet.

Quick Facts

Full Name The Bobs
Children Cedella Marley, Ziggy Marley, Stephen Marley, Rohan Marley, Julian Marley, Ky-Mani Marley, Damian Marley, Sharon Marley
Music Songs Helter Skelter, Psycho Killer, Too Many Santas, You Really Got a Hold on Me, Rhapsody in Blue, Sittin' in Limbo, Get Your Monkey Off My Dog, Shut Up & Sing, Andy Always Dreamed of Wrestling, Bulky Rhythm, Slow Down Krishna, Cowboy Lips, First There Is a Mountain, Tom Spath, Tattoo Me Now, Fluffy's Master Plan for World Domination, Whole Lotta Love, I Hate the Beach Boys, The Tight Pants Tango, Julia's Too Tall, Barbara Ann, My Shoes, Fifty Kilowatt Tree, My Husband Was a Weatherman, Never Date a Musician, Please Let Me Be Your Third World Country, Dictator in a Polo Shirt, Santa Ana Woman, Buddha Bakes, Sign My Snarling Doggie, Banana Love, Spontaneous Human Combustion
Albums Songs for Tomorrow Morning, My, I'm Large, I Brow Club, Rhapsody in Bob, Sing the Songs of..., Cover the Songs of..., Too Many Santas!, Biographies, The Bobs, Plugged, ...Songs at any Speed, Get your Monkey off my Dog, Coaster, Shut Up and Sing!, The Best of the Bobs: 20 Songs, 20 Years

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