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The Black Queen

Some sort of power synth pop trio, the Dark Queen began in casual style and progressed into a full-blown music group treated by its associates as a lot more than an extracurricular task. In 2011, Greg Puciato, Dillinger Get away Plan’s vocalist, and Steven Alexander, a practiced technology (DEP, Nine Inches Fingernails, Ke$ha), began focusing on materials with each other that deviated significantly in the former’s main music group. Later in the entire year, Joshua Eustis (NIN, Puscifer) was put into the flip, after Puciato crossed pathways using the multi-instrumentalist, manufacturer, and songwriter at a Puscifer gig. Puciato’s passions had long included digital music — his principal music group had covered music by Massive Strike, Depeche Mode, as well as Aphex Twin — and he respected Eustis’ result with Telefon Tel Aviv. Both also distributed a like for R&B, a genre detectable throughout Eustis’ documented history. Within a few years, Puciato, Alexander, and Eustis had been deeply mixed up in Dark Queen, coping with each other in LA, and supporting one another through bleak personal issues. In 2015, they debuted the Dark Queen using the ballad “THE FINISH Where We Begin” and quickly implemented it using the fairly uptempo “Glaciers never to,” a set of singles which were nearer in structure to Telefon Tel Aviv’s Immolate Yourself than anything by Dillinger Get away Program. Additionally, these music featured a few of Puciato’s most melodic and restrained vocal shows without compromising any feeling. Fever Daydream, their debut record, premiered in January 2016.

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