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The Billionaires

The Billionaires are from Martha’s Vineyard, children from the working class people that earn a living catering towards the “summertime people.” The group is certainly a collective work even though they started in the isle and recorded Actually True Forever, their captivating debut there, they today have a home in the smog-drenched environs of LA. Many groupings claim to end up being pop rings, but they may be brief on songwriting build and so certainly endeavoring to emulate the seems of past that there surely is a hollow echo with their music. The Billionaires alternatively possess seamlessly assimilated their affects to make a shiny, sunlit vibe that’s real pop, and designated by a uncommon intelligence. Like all of the music group users, ringleader Tim Laursen was created within the Rock and roll, as the local people contact Martha’s Vineyard. Laursen began recording his personal albums about eight years back. He drifted out to LA some time back and discovered that using his more youthful sister Emily like a tranquility vocalist produced his songs audio better. He obtained a vintage 1/2″ tape machine and after setting up some drum songs he returned to The Isle and asked his friends to greatly help him flesh out some music. The gang included long term Billionaires Sebastian Keefe, Joe Keefe and Farely Glavin, aswell as vocalist/songwriter Willie Mason who offered backing vocals. The effect was Track Bring Me Back again acknowledged to Crickets. Laursen jokes that that recording went “solid wood;” he still offers 400 of these stacked up in his LA cellar. In 2006 Laursen returned to Martha’s Vineyard, setup his recording equipment and started focusing on another assortment of music with Glavin on bass, Joe Keefe on business lead acoustic guitar and keyboards, Sebastian Keefe on drums, Laura Jordan on business lead vocals and keyboards and Laursen himself on tempo acoustic guitar, vocals and percussion. Laursen earned the bare bone fragments of the tunes and the music group added their musical tips with Keefe writing music writing tasks with Laursen. They demoed up eight music and handed down them around to close friends. When Todd Phillips of TOO EARLY Records showed curiosity about the music, The Billionaires had been blessed. They reworked the demos setting up the basic monitors live, after that adding vocal harmonies and various other doodads to create Really True Forever, released in March of 2008. The music group transferred out to LA in 2008 to pursue their dreams to become, if not real billionaires, at least an operating music group.

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